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Hot Wax Punishment

28:43 minutes BDSM, Bondage
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Juliette is now in a cellar. There is a x-frame waiting for her. Her wrists are taped on her back and she has to sit on the frame. The man secures her ankles with leathercuffs to the x-frame. He takes off the tape and ties her wrists also to the frame. The man takes a bamboo rod and strikes her breasts and upperbody. After a while of stroking he puts away the bamboo rod and now it's time for a little tickling. He tickles her under her arms and feets and Juliette is very ticklish and laughs and screams a lot. He has another idea: Candle. He drops hot wax on her upper body and breasts. Juliette looks at the hot wax on her breasts.

He uncuffs her wrists and fixes it to an winch. He stretches her arms. He takes a dildo on a cane and strokes her body and pushes it into her cunt. After a while he takes a vibrator and strokes first her body and then he fucks her with it. He gets a call and leaves her. Juliette is now alone and tries to escape.

Torment Disaster

35:10 minutes Bondage
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Juliette is tied at a tree. She is blindfolded and wears a slavecollar. A man creeps to her and ties her hands above her head. He pulls down her jeans and takes a cane and pokes her pussy. But Juliette is hard and doesn't say a word. The forest interrogation is not the right way for her. So the man decides to untie her and go to another place with her for a better interrogation.

Juliette is tied on a table in a cellar. She wears only a slip and it is really hard for her to stay in this uncomfortable position. So the man has no other choice. He wants to stretch her. He cuffs her ankles and connects her wrists with leathercuffs to a winch. Soon Juliettes body is stretched enormously.

Calling A Master 0
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Juliette calls an escort service. She wants a man who is nice and can dance for the evening. Later she is waiting for him dressed in a evening dress. As it knocks at the door she opens. But there is no smart man. Juliette is irritated. The man overpowers her and lays her down on the floor.

Later she is tied in a strict hogtie. As she realizes her situation she commands her to untie her. She wants to call the escort service because they send the wrong man. But the man only rolls her to the side and says no word.

After a while we see Juliette still hogtied kneeling on the floor. She is naked and wears a blindfold. The man sits on a chair beside her and plays with her neck and nipples. She asks him again to call the escort service but the man says that is not the choice of a slavegirl what she has to do. Juliette explains that she is nobodys slavegirl. He takes a vibrator and stimulates her pussy. After a while Juliette has an orgasm.

Later Juliette lays in a strict hogtie on the floor. Her mouth is gagged with a mouth spreader. A rope is tied around her waist and pussy. He rolls her to the side and touches her breasts and neck. He explains the a dildo can also massages her mouth inside. He takes a dildo and pulls it in her mouth. In and out and after a while the dildo sticks in her mouth. He attaches clothespins on her nipples. He stimulates her pussy with the rope. Juliette has again an orgasm and the dildo falls down. He puts the dildo again in her mouth and leaves the room.

After a while he takes out the mouth spreader. He blindfolds her again. Juliette kneels on the floor again. He lays a vibrator between her legs. Juliette has to sit on the vibrator. She asks him if she can be the slavegirl and if he allows she will give him a blowjob to thank him for the training. She also wants a contact number from him to see him again. Juliette gets a trainingsplan and she has to work with it. He leaves her alone.

Shackles Hogtie

49 images Bondage, Hogtie
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Juliette is cuffed with shackles in a hogtie. She is blonde and wears sexy bra and panties and boots. She is also gagged with tape.

Never Disappoint Your Owner 0
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Never Disappoint Your Owner 9

The video opens as a man enters the room where Juliette is sitting on the bed. The man is carrying a wooden yoke. Juliette's owner said to him that she was not obedient enough. So the owner has directed him to punish her. She has to strip herself and the man takes the yoke and holds it on Juliette’s shoulders. She puts her wrists in place as he closes and locks it. He then tells her to go downstairs to the punishment room. There is a hard backed chair sitting in the middle of it. A board is fixed to one wall with numerous devices hanging on it. Juliette's owner has decided that she gets 50 strokes of the rod to each of her breasts, followed by the stinger. He prepares her for the punishment and starts with a rubber butt plug. Then he pushes an electro stim into her vagina. He removes the yoke and sign from her neck. Juliette gets a monoglove and a leather harness gag with a metal drain plug in the middle. He secures also a heavy round neck stock. He tells her to sit on the chair and Juliette eases herself down and moans loudly as she rests on the butt plug. The man takes a length of chain and secures it to ankle shackles. He draws her ankles up to the back side of the chair and pulls it over to the other side of the chair. Now he takes her arms and pulls them over the back of the chair and secures her wrists to the back of the chair. Finally, he places a heavy leather strap over her hips. He attaches a pair of magnetic nipple clamps to her nipples. Next the man brings over a cane and shows it to Juliette. She turns her head away and whines in protest. The man holds her arm and strikes her breast. Juliette screams as he strikes her again and again. After 50 strokes to each breast, he stops and takes the stinger. Suddenly the man strikes her with it. Juliette's upperbody is really red now. But the punishment is not over. She gets water and honey and he is cruel to her nipples . The man connects the wires from the cups and the probe in her vagina to a control unit. He then picks up the remote control and presses the button. Juliette’s body shudders and she screams insanely. After some minutes he stops and removes the cups from her nipples. He then picks up the crushers and slowly places it on Juliette’s nipples. He brings over a Hitachi and places it against her crotch. He tapes it to the chair with black duct tape. The man turns on the Hitachi. Juliette shudders and begins to writhe and moan as the orgasm rises. After about a minute she has a huge, screaming orgasm.