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Slavegirl Will Be Demonstrated 0
Slavegirl Will Be Demonstrated 1

Juliette is led in the room. Her hands are tied above her head and attached to a long pole. Her master can commands her with this pole. So he shows the slavegirl for the night his members via webcam.

The Barrel Orgasm 0
The Barrel Orgasm 1

In a very uncomfortable position, stretched over a barrel, Juliette is brought to a heavy orgasm.

Finish Her 0
Finish Her 1

If a woman is obstreperous you have to teach where her place is.

Cellar of Pain

18 images BDSM, Bondage
Cellar of Pain 0
Cellar of Pain 1

You get the full length movie "Cellar Of Pain" also here:

How To Treat A Slave 0
How To Treat A Slave 1

Juliette has to learn how her normal life looks in the future. So here is a lesson for her....