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Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 3
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Fantastic high quality pictures of Juliette. She wears a leatherbodyharness and overknee boots. Clothepins are attached on her nipples and a leatherbelt ties her wrists together.

Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 0
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 1
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 2
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 3
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 4
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 5
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 6
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 7
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 8
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 9

Now the man can interrogates her. He knows the she is a private investigator. He pours drinkwater in her face and Juliette asks for the girls. The man doesn't answer. He wants to know what Juliette knows about his organisation. Juliette doesn't say a word.

So he takes a knife and strokes her body. He also takes clothepins and squeezes her nipples. He takes a lighter and holds the knife in the flame and holds the knife at her body. Juliette screams but she doesn't say a word about her mission. She only says that she has holidays and that she searches after nettles. The man is angry now. Lizards, nettles... He takes a nettle and strokes over her body and Juliette begs and moans and screams.

The guy unties her hands and he takes tape and tapes her wrists and upperarms on a pole. Juliette has to stand up and he unties her ankles. The interrogation it's not over. He pushes her through the forest to the next interrogation place.


Slave-Slut Fucked

49:11 minutes
Slave-Slut Fucked 0
Slave-Slut Fucked 1
Slave-Slut Fucked 2
Slave-Slut Fucked 3
Slave-Slut Fucked 4
Slave-Slut Fucked 5
Slave-Slut Fucked 6
Slave-Slut Fucked 7
Slave-Slut Fucked 8
Slave-Slut Fucked 9

Juliette takes on a bikini. It knocks at the door. It is the boyfriend of her sister. He likes what he sees and wants to play with Juliette. She agrees and she gets a blindfold and he cuffs her hands behind her back and gags her with a harnessgag. They go over to the bed. Juliette has to lay down. He pushes a butt vibrator in her ass and a vibrator in her pussi. He watches her while she has an orgasm. Then he rolls her on her back and she gets nipple suckers. He fucks her now until she has the next orgasm. Now it’s time for him to have fun. He ungags her and Juliette has to kneel down and he fucks her mouth. But the blowjob is not enough. He wants more. He cuffs her to a metal kneeling stock. Neck, wrists and ankles are cuffed to the stock and she presents him her ass. He fucks her from behind until he cums in her face.

He has to go now but before he leaves her she gets again the butt vibrator in her ass and another vibrator in her pussi for more fun.

Glamour Shooting - Part 1 of 2 0
Glamour Shooting - Part 1 of 2 1
Glamour Shooting - Part 1 of 2 2
Glamour Shooting - Part 1 of 2 3
Glamour Shooting - Part 1 of 2 4
Glamour Shooting - Part 1 of 2 5
Glamour Shooting - Part 1 of 2 6
Glamour Shooting - Part 1 of 2 7
Glamour Shooting - Part 1 of 2 8
Glamour Shooting - Part 1 of 2 9

Juliette is standing in a corner of a cellar. Her wrists are shackled in front of her body and her neck is in a shackle that is chained to the wall. A man comes in and says to her, that she will be dressed well and get two orgasms. First she has to go to a large mirror and put on the clothes. Juliette picks up the stockings. She sits on a chair and puts them on. She then stands in front of the mirror and puts on the garter belt, boy shorts and shelf bra. Finally she steps into the high heel shoes and waits for the man.

He brings over a wooden yoke and places it on her shoulders. Juliette puts her wrists in the holes on either side of her head and the man closes the yoke and latches it securely. Now he brings over a large ball gag and holds it in front of Juliette. He says, “This is your ball gag, Juliette. You will carry it to the torture room”. He puts it to her hand and then takes a pair of tweezer clamps with silver bells on their ends and shows them to Juliette. The man now toys with Juliette’s nipple, pinching and pulling it and rubbing it with his fingers. Finally, he attaches both on her nipples. Finally the man says, “Now Juliette you will go to the torture studio, you know the way.” She says, “Yes, Master” and turns and walks on.

Inside the punishment room a metal “impalement stand” is waiting. The man takes the ballgag from Juliette and goes behind her. She opens her mouth without being told and the man pushes it deeply into her mouth then straps it tightly. Next Juliette slowly walks around the room. The camera watches her as she moves. The man holds her arm and moves her to the stand. Juliette steps out of her shoes and stands on the device. The man secures shackles around her ankles.

Now he brings over a bladder gag and puts it in her hand. He unbuckles the ball gag. When he pops it out of her mouth she gasps for breath. He will now prepare her for breath play. She opens her mouth as the man holds the bladder in front of her. He puts it in her mouth. Juliette’s eyes grow wide as it expands in her mouth. She whimpers. He then picks up an inflatable vibrating butt plug. He holds it in front of Juliette and inflates it. Juliette watches it grow with fear in her eyes. He then goes behind her and slowly pulls her to bend her over. She whines as he rubs the plug on her rectum then begins to push it into her body. Juliette whimpers and whines and her eyes show signs of discomfort with the plug.

Walking Tour Disaster - PREVIEW 0
Walking Tour Disaster - PREVIEW 1
Walking Tour Disaster - PREVIEW 2
Walking Tour Disaster - PREVIEW 3
Walking Tour Disaster - PREVIEW 4
Walking Tour Disaster - PREVIEW 5
Walking Tour Disaster - PREVIEW 6
Walking Tour Disaster - PREVIEW 7
Walking Tour Disaster - PREVIEW 8
Walking Tour Disaster - PREVIEW 9

Juliette makes a walking tour and a bad guy follows her.

The movie "Walking Tour Disaster" is coming soon!