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You Have A Club Ban! 0
You Have A Club Ban! 1

This girlfriend did not want to listen to her friend. He had forbidden her to go to the club. Now he will teach her obediently.

Gagged & Sucked

7:03 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Slave
Gagged & Sucked 0
Gagged & Sucked 1

Life as a slave can be hard. Tied up and blindfolded Juliette is still put on a gag. So she can moan only suppressed as the nipple suckers are created, which she hates so much.

Changing Her Nipple Clamps 0
Changing Her Nipple Clamps 1

Not only that the slave is tied in a very uncomfortable position. Now also her nipple clamps are going to be changed. But her tits are so sensitive ....

A Rod For Her Tits 0
A Rod For Her Tits 1

Juliette needs some education again. This time, the cane is used to chastise her.

Party Whipping

8:26 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Whipping
Party Whipping 0
Party Whipping 1

Such a disaster. Juliette did not know that she should be the party game for the men. Who manages to whip her so that she screams wins.