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Nipple Squeezers For Her 0
Nipple Squeezers For Her 1

There is nothing more vulnerable than a girls nipples. So if you want to humble her put some squeezers to her nipples. And of course fuck her with a dildo pole.

The Slave Position 0
The Slave Position 1

A good slave has to know her positions. How good does Juliette knows them? And what will happen if not?

Time For Nipple Suckers 0
Time For Nipple Suckers 1

Juliette is getting on very painful nipple suckers. How long will she be able to keep this treatment?

Crawling Like A Dog 0
Crawling Like A Dog 1

Juliette is late from shopping. Her master is angry, so she has to crawl in front of him like a dog.