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Upturned Table Torment 0
Upturned Table Torment 1

It is a really exhausting, painful position in which Juliette was tied. But what is still in store for her now she would never have known.

Naked & Vibrated In A Hogtie 0
Naked & Vibrated In A Hogtie 1

Juliette is lying naked on the floor. Gagged with a Penisgag and tied up in a hogtie. Her master has put a vibrator in her pussy and now she has to wait for the orgasm.

Come And Make Yourself Comfortable! 0
Come And Make Yourself Comfortable! 1

Today there is another difficult position for the slave girl to endure!

A Captivating Awakening 0
A Captivating Awakening 1

A ponygirl is tied to a bed with many ropes and leather cuffs in the spread eagle. She has to stay in this position all night long.

Ordered To Cum

10:59 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Ordered To Cum 0
Ordered To Cum 1

Have you always wanted to watch a naked slave girl come for you? Now there is an opportunity. In any case, it is not easy.