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Female Investigator Torment - Photogallery 0
Female Investigator Torment - Photogallery 1

Photogallery to the movie "Female Investigator Torment"

Harnessgag And Lots Of Cuffs 0
Harnessgag And Lots Of Cuffs 1

Juliette lays in a bed. She is naked and her ankles are cuffed with leathercuffs and anklecuffs. She wears a monoglove and a harnesgag. The guy touches her body and she begs him to let her go.

Cuffed Slavegirl In The Cellar 0
Cuffed Slavegirl In The Cellar 1

Juliette is standing against the wall in a room. A bright silver metal collar is secured around her neck and it is attached to the wall by a chain.

A man comes in and says to her that it is time to get ready for the entertainment of her owner’s guests at the birthday party. Juliette stands up and the man moves her in front of a mirror and tells her to hold open her shirt. He removes the bright collar and replaces it around her neck with a steel neck shackle. He removes her shirt. Then he puts shackles on her wrists and on her ankles.


Water Proof

15 imagesBondage, BDSM
Water Proof 0
Water Proof 1

Juliette is cuffed to the slavechair. She is gagged with a ring gag and her master proofs her now with water.

The Full Length movie "Punishment In Front Of Audience XXL" you get here:

Nipplesuckers For A Slavegirl 0
Nipplesuckers For A Slavegirl 1

Juliette gets some nippelsuckers. The suckers streches her nipples. Ouch. Maybe it's not so bad because her master has soon a bambus cane in his hands.