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Five Vibrators At The Same Time 0
Five Vibrators At The Same Time 1

Slavegirl Juliette sits tied and gagged on a wooden saddle.

She gets five vibrators: in her ass, in her pussy, on her crotch area and on both nipples.

Now the man turns on all vibrators at the same time...

X-Frame Interrogation Vol. 1 0
X-Frame Interrogation Vol. 1 1

Juliette is tied on a x-frame and she has no idea why. She is blindfolded and waits for someone. A masked man comes in and explains the situation.

Transport To Slavery 0
Transport To Slavery 1

Juliette lays in a car. The car drives to a house. But Juliette has no idea which house. She is blindfolded and her hands and feets are cuffed. The cars stops and Juliette has to go out. Not easy because she can't see anything. In a cold basement she has to strip her clothes. She gets a slavecollar and different leather devices. She gets also an anal and pussyplugg. Her mouth is gagged with a ringgag and also an inflatable gag. She gets also nippleclamps. How uncomfortable. But that is the life of a slavegirl.

An Obediant Slavegirl 2  0
An Obediant Slavegirl 2  1

After tasting the masters cum Juliette gets a harnessgag. She has to lay on her back. He takes her feets and a rope and binds her feets to the ceiling. He puts a dildo in her pussy and secures electrical stimulation on her nipples. He puts the button of the remote control and Juliettes tits are stimulated heavily. She moans and struggles a lot. After a hard orgasm he unties Juliette and they go back to the cellar. There she has to put on her clothes again and she gets a silver slavecollar and she has to put on anklecuffs. Her hands are cuffed behind her back and they go to the car and drive away.

Juliette's Deepthroat  0
Juliette's Deepthroat  1

Juliette waits for her master. She is naked and totally submissive. What does her master do with her today? She has to lay on a table. A rope is tied around her waist and her ellbows are also strongly tied. The guy plays with a dildo in her mouth. Later she is tied in a strict hogtie on the table and blindfold and ring gagged. The guy takes the dildo again and pushes the dildo through the ring gag. The whole training is only for one thing: Deepthroat. Now can Juliette show what she has learned while the deepthroat training.