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The Carpet Beater 0
The Carpet Beater 1

Juliette has no choice but tied in a floor pillory. She has to present her ass for a special treatment with a carpet beater.

Put A Yoke On Her 0
Put A Yoke On Her 1

Sometimes Juliette has a hard time with her being a slave. Today is such a day.

Heavy Electro Torture 0
Heavy Electro Torture 1

As if it were not enough that Juliette has a electric plug in her cunt, she will also be given electric shocks to her breasts.

Stuff The Chick  0
Stuff The Chick  1

Tied up in the dungeon, Juliette has to let her cunt stuffed with a vibrator. A rope holds it in place, the fun can begin.

Feeding The Slave 0
Feeding The Slave 1

Shackled on the slave chair Juliette is fed. If she has settled with her situation, maybe someday she will be allowed to eat with a fork again.