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Cane Pain 0
Cane Pain 1

Juliette is secured in a kneeling stock and her master takes a cane to give her the daily punishment.

Naked, Spreaded & Whipped 0
Naked, Spreaded & Whipped 1

Naked and tied up at the bed in a spreadeagle, Juliette has no chance to escape the whipping.

Finish Her 0
Finish Her 1

If a woman is obstreperous you have to teach where her place is.

How To Treat A Slave 0
How To Treat A Slave 1

Juliette has to learn how her normal life looks in the future. So here is a lesson for her....

Storehouse Punishment 0
Storehouse Punishment 1

When Juliette went to work this morning, she did not think she'd be naked and tied up in the storeroom, facing a guy with a whip.