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Pussy Torment Outdoors 0
Pussy Torment Outdoors 1

Tied to a tree, her arms over her head, Juliette is standing there with naked tits and pulled down jeans. But the horrible things are coming now as her pussy gets a painful treatment.

Anal Plugged Strappado 0
Anal Plugged Strappado 1

Tied with some heavy Leatherdevices Juliette has to present her ass. She hates being anal plugged, but hey, that's the way every slavegirl has to be stuffed.

The Slave Storage

6:41 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Slave
The Slave Storage 0
The Slave Storage 1

Every man needs a place where he can store his slavegirl when he's not at home. But when you are back, let her out of the cage.

Calm Down And Take It, Slave   0
Calm Down And Take It, Slave   1

After some hard treatment the slavegirl is given the chance to calm down. She gets even something to quench her thirst, but this kind isn't surely what she expected.

Grope Her Tits

6:42 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Slave
Grope Her Tits 0
Grope Her Tits 1

Down on the floor, her arms in a monoglove, Juliette is totally helpless as the man is groping her tits.