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Stretched Slavegirl 0
Stretched Slavegirl 1

Stretching prisoners has been a well-known method of interrogation since the Middle Ages. And it works even today.

Vibrated Electro Torment  0
Vibrated Electro Torment  1

Tied to a chair, her hands behind her head, the poor slavegirl has no chance to against her treatment. With nipple suckers on and a vibrator to her pussy, she gets even some electro shocks.

Can You Escape The Vibrations? 0
Can You Escape The Vibrations? 1

Terrific! Watch this stretched slavegirl while she feels vibrations in her pussy and she tries to escape from the stretched position.

Stick Of Pain 0
Stick Of Pain 1

Juliette was very naughty again. So now she's being given her lesson.

Captured At The Spinning Course 0
Captured At The Spinning Course 1

If a spinning teacher likes bondage games and even likes his student, she can very quickly find herself handcuffed in an extreme situation.