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Interrogated On A Chair 0
Interrogated On A Chair 1

What an interrogation! The guy has taped Juliettes wrists and ankles and he punishes her in different ways.

Milking Her Masters Cock 0
Milking Her Masters Cock 1

She has to give her master a handjob and catch the sperm in a mug. And then she has to clean his cock nicely.

Testing Her Skills 0
Testing Her Skills 1

Her master has connected her elbows very closely. Today he wants to test how far he can go. She has to sit on a chair on which a dildo is placed.

Tit Torment At The Cross 0
Tit Torment At The Cross 1

Tied to a cross the slavegirl has no chance. Her naked tits are free for a heavy torment.

The Barrel Orgasm 0
The Barrel Orgasm 1

In a very uncomfortable position, stretched over a barrel, Juliette is brought to a heavy orgasm.