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Calling A Master - XXL Movie 0
Calling A Master - XXL Movie 1

Juliette calls an escort service. She wants a man who is nice and can dance for the evening. Later she is waiting for him dressed in a evening dress. As it knocks at the door she opens. But there is no smart man. Juliette is irritated. The man overpowers her and lays her down on the floor. Later she is tied in a strict hogtie. As she realizes her situation she commands her to untie her. She wants to call the escort service because they send the wrong man. But the man only rolls her to the side and says no word. What is the next he wants to do with her?

The Muzzle Gag 0
The Muzzle Gag 1

Wearing a bodyharness and with her hands tied behind her back, Juliettes outfit gets completed with a huge muzzle gag.

You Can Ring My Bells 0
You Can Ring My Bells 1

A slave should of course primarily serve the entertainment of her master and his guests. small bells on the nipples are definitely a musical highlight.

Juliette's Crucifixion 0
Juliette's Crucifixion 1

Maybe she foresees what will happen to her on her way through the forest. Maybe not. Who knows....

Feel The Bullwhip 0
Feel The Bullwhip 1

The biggest challenge for a slave is it to endure the strokes with the bullwhip, of course.