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Not Very Comfortable For Her 0
Not Very Comfortable For Her 1

Juliette's master is always very inventive when it comes to capturing her in uncomfortable positions.

An Uncomfortable Cage 0
An Uncomfortable Cage 1

Ponygirl Juliette is secured in a cage. She is kneeling in a very uncomfortable position and she drools a lot through the gag.

Sharp Her Senses 0
Sharp Her Senses 1

The slavegirl gets a mask to sharp her senses. She is already cuffed and gagged.

The Slave Belt

8:23 minutesBondage, Handcuffs, Slave
The Slave Belt 0
The Slave Belt 1

Slave Juliette wears a blindfold and a gag. Her arms are tied behind her back. The master stuffs her pussy and ass with a vibrator and puts a slave belt on her.

Waiting For Her Punishment 0
Waiting For Her Punishment 1

Cute slavegirl Juliette wears stockings and she is waiting for her punishment. She wears heavy shackles and she is very submissive. She wants to please the master.