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Morning Task Of A Slavegirl 0
Morning Task Of A Slavegirl 1

Before she can start the day, she has to give her master a blowjob. With armbinder and blindfold. Shouldn't be too easy ;-)

Juliette's Deepthroat  0
Juliette's Deepthroat  1

Juliette waits for her master. She is naked and totally submissive. What does her master do with her today? She has to lay on a table. A rope is tied around her waist and her ellbows are also strongly tied. The guy plays with a dildo in her mouth. Later she is tied in a strict hogtie on the table and blindfold and ring gagged. The guy takes the dildo again and pushes the dildo through the ring gag. The whole training is only for one thing: Deepthroat. Now can Juliette show what she has learned while the deepthroat training.

Caged Blowjob Slavegirl - XXL MOVIE 0
Caged Blowjob Slavegirl - XXL MOVIE 1

Juliette lays naked on the floor. Her hands are cuffed in a leather armbinder. She is blindfolded and gagged. Her ankles are cuffed with two anklecuffs and leathercuffs and her thighs are connected with leatherbelts. A vibrator works in her pussy and she also has an analplug in her ass. She whimpers and tries to struggle. After a while a man comes in. He watches her a while and then he uncuffs her ankles and takes off the leatherbelts. While she stands he takes out the vibrator and analplugg. But only for new vibrators and more punishment.