X-Frame Interrogation Vol. 1 0
X-Frame Interrogation Vol. 1 1

Juliette is bound to the X frame with black ropes at her ankles and wrists. A light colored cloth has been draped over her hips. She has been blindfolded and lies quietly in a dimly lit room.

A door is heard to open and a masked man comes in. He goes over to Juliette and asks her for her sister. But Juliette has no idea and says to him that she knows nothing. The man then removes the blindfold. She says, “Please do not torture me, I know nothing.” The man looks down at Juliette and says, “Now Juliette we know better, so the sooner you talk the sooner this will be over.” Juliette says again that she has no idea. The man shows her a large ball gag and tells her to open her mouth. Juliette resists so the man holds her nose closed with one hand and pulls her chin down and then pulls the gag into her mouth. Next he takes a harness panel gag with a hole in the middle, holds it over the ball gag and tightens the straps around her head.

The man now picks up a bamboo rod and draws it slowly across Juliette’s chest. She writhes and twists. He strikes her all over her breasts. Juliette screams loudly and thrashes about on the frame. She rolls her head from side-to-side and opens then closes her fingers, screaming all the time. After a while he stops and asks her if she want to talk. Juliette shakes her head, “No”. The man picks up a pair of clothespins and lays them between Juliette’s breasts. He picks up one of the clothespins and shows it to Juliette, snapping the jaws. He asks her if she want to talk because it will be very painful on her nipples. She will not talk. The man plays with one of her nipples and then slides the jaws over Juliette’s nipple and releases them. Juliette screams. The man then applies the other clothespin to Juliette’s other nipple. Juliette writhes and screams. The man now brings the rod over again. Juliette shakes her head and screams even before it hits her chest. The man strikes her often, sometimes rapidly in succession and other times slowly and rhythmically. From time to time he puts his hand on Juliette’s rib cage to hold her still while he uses the rod. Finally, the man stops and Juliette begins to calm down. The man puts a small stool by her head between her arms. He is holding a leather breather gag. Her eyes grow wide with fear when she looks at it. The man puts the breather gag over her arm and slowly removes the harness and ball gags. Juliette cries out, “Please have mercy on me!” The man holds the bulb over her face and says, “Well, Juliette, first you must tell me what you know and then I shall have mercy. What do you say?” Juliette shakes her head and the man holds her nose closed. She opens her mouth to breathe and the man pushes the bladder into her mouth.