Trained And Punished - Part 3 of 3 0
Trained And Punished - Part 3 of 3 1

The man continues, sending the current into Juliette’s breasts numerous times. Finally he stops and Juliette slowly calms down.

He asks her if she can put the gag on properly. Juliette nods her head. He explains that her owner has authorized him to give her a orgasm if she cooperate and learn well. Juliette looks at him and nods her head. But before the orgasm he will get her nipples ready. Juliette looks up at him terrified. The man leaves the scene and comes back with two clothespins. The man slowly removes the sucker from her breast and immediately places the jaws of the clamp over it. Juliette throws her head back and screams as he releases the clamp on her swollen nipple. He also does it with the second clothespin. He takes a bullet vibrator and a wand vibrator. He shows her the bullet and then kneels down to put the controller in the top of her stocking. He turns on the bullet and she starts to writhe and moan loudly. He then turns on the wand vibrator and kneels down again, placing the wand against Juliette’s vagina. She shudders and screams. He slowly works the wand vibrator into Juliette’s body. This goes on for a couple minutes before Juliette shudders and has a tremendous climax.

The man turns off the vibrators. The man slowly removes the gag and lays it over her shoulder. Juliette gasps for air.

After Juliette has calm down he wants one more thing. A big ball gag in her mouth. He ties her again on the slave chair with a lot of leather belts and gags her with a big ball gag. Heavy!