The Water Interrogation 0
The Water Interrogation 1

Juliette is brought in a cellar. She wears sexy dessous and nylons. She wears an armbinder and a gag. The guy regags her. But only to put on a harness ring gag. Now she has to sit on the table. He takes off her bra and touches her breasts. Now she has to lie back and her head is fixed in a wooden neck stock. Her ankles are cuffed. And he also fixes her body with leatherbelts to the table. And her head is fixed. The guy loves nipples and tits and he takes a cane and strikes he breats. Juliette moans a lot. After whipping her he takes clothes pins and attaches the pins to her nipples.

The man takes red electrical tape. He sticks it on the spring mechanism of the clothe pins. But that's not all. Time for little electrical stimulation. Juliette is in the cellar to speak about secrets. The guy puts pads on her body and has a remote control in his hand. Now he can shocks her so often and so long as he wants. Juliette moans loudly but she doesn't say a word. No only one thing can help him, that she speaks: Water.