The Interrogation 0
The Interrogation 1

Juliette is sitting in a cage in a cold cellar. She is naked, only a cloth covers her pussy. She is there because she knows a secret. A masked man comes in. He wants that Juliette talks about it. He opens the cage. Juliette is blindfolded and gagged and her arms are secured with a leather monoglove. She also gets a leather mask. Before Juliette has to sit on the table, the guy pushes a plugg into her ass. Now it’s time for her to climb onto the table. She sits on her knees. It's very uncomfortable. But that is the plan. No mercy on Juliette. Her thighs are secured with leather belts to the table. Her head gets also fixed to the table. A ring gag opens her mouth. The guy puts electrical pads on her breast and connects these with an electrical dildo in her pussy. Juliette moans a lot, but the man will only stops if she talks about the secret. He pushes a dildo through the ring gag deep down Juliettes throat that she gasps and later he also fills some water into her mouth. All should help him, that Juliette talks. But she is very hard. She will not talk and so the interrogation continues.