The Headhunter Vol. 2 0
The Headhunter Vol. 2 1

Juliettes interrogation continues. She's sitting on a chair, her hands are tied behind, she's gagged with a ringgag and she's also blindfolded. As the man comes in he starts to tie Juliettes elbows together. He does it very strong and Juliette moans to the pain. Then he takes out a dildo. The girl must lick it, but that is not the way the man will torture with it. The man sticks the dildo in Juliettes mouth. He plays also with neck, so it's hard for her to breath. She whimpers, but the man has no mercy. He asks her again to tell him the secret, but she declines. So he continues the breath control. As Juliette don't tells him anything, he realises that he won't break her resistance. The next position is waiting for her. The man sets Juliette to a table. He ties her hands and feet together under the table. Then he uses also a rope to gag her.

Finally he ties the end of the ropegag to her feet. So Juliette must stretch her head back. The man has taken Juliettes blouse away and so he can now play with her breasts. Juliette feels the pain in her stretched body. She tries to show the man that she will talk to him. The man removes the ropegag and Juliette tells him the secret. She hopes that the man will let her go, but he takes out the rag again. Juliette begs him to let her go. He will have a lot more fun with her. Juliette gets tied up in the 4th position. She kneels in front of a chair, her hands and elbows tied on her back. She is still blindfolded. The man takes some photos of her and tells her that he will send it to her office, so everyone can see her like this. She begs again not to do this to her and the man makes an offer. She has to be his slave for 2 weeks and he won't send the pictures. Juliette thinks about it, but what other choice does she have?