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It knocks at the door. The doctor opens the door and closes it after he saw slavegirl Juliette. She was not in the right position. After a few seconds it knocks again. He opens the door and slavegirl Juliette kneels naked on the floor with stretched neck. He goes around and lays a leatherbelt and a rope and handcuffs beside her. He will open the door in 5 minutes and he hopes that she knows what she has to do with the handcuffs and the leatherbelt. He closes the door again.

After a while he opens the door and Juliette kneels on the floor. She is blindfold with the leatherbelt and her hands are cuffed behind her back and the rope is tied around her waist and pussy. He takes the rope and Juliette has to stand up and they go to another room.

Juliette stands on the wall. She wears a leather corsage. A thin leatherband ties her thumps like a reverse prayer. Her neck is stretched. The man comes in with a riding crop and strikes her ass. He puts the crop in her ass and sits on a chair. He commands her to come to him. As she turns around we see clothepins on her nipples. She goes to him and he takes out the crop. He wants to know if she is able to do a deep throat and she replies that she exercised a lot and she hopes that she is good enough. He put a vibrator between her legs. She rubs her pussy on the vibrator. He strikes her with the crop on her breasts and put the riding crop in her mouth and leaves her. She is very submissive and whispers ”Thank you master”.

After a while Juliette stands again on the wall. She wears boots and a miniskirt and a blouse. She wears boots and a miniskirt and a blouse. She has a dildo in her mouth. The man commands her again to come to him. He takes the dildo and asks her if she can do a deep throat with the dildo. Juliette takes the big dildo and licks it and blows it like a dick. After a few minutes the man is really horny. He takes the dildo away and put out his dick and comes on her face and lips. Juliette tries to swallow. The doctor decides that she can stay. He leaves her and she takes the dildo and puts it in her mouth and kneels on the floor with spreaded legs and stretched neck.