Slaves Cocktail Party 0
Slaves Cocktail Party 1

Juliette comes in and her master prepares something. She wears a bathrobe but also sexy stockings, a garter belt, a shelf bra and a slavecollar. She wants to test the wooden pillory. Juliette also asks if she can have some lemon juice. But before she get the cocktail she hands the pillory to her master and he takes off the leathered slavecollar and secures the wooden neck stock around her neck and her wrists. Juliette has the possibility to choose the nipple clamps. She chooses some butterfly clamps. Now Juliette gets a red ball in her mouth and the man pulls a latex mask over her head. He pushes a tube trough the mask in the ball. Juliette has to kneel down and the man puts the nippleclamps on her nipples. Now it's time for the lemon cocktail. The lemon juice is really sour and Juliette swallows and gulps the juice and more juice pours through the tube.