Return To The Devil Worshippers 0
Return To The Devil Worshippers 1

After Juliette has overpowered the guy from the devil worshipprs she takes on her clothes and leaves the place. She arrives at her hotel and first she takes a shower and thereafter she will call the police to inform about the situation and what has happened. After the shower she only wears a slip and while she rings the guy from the sect slinks in her room and overpowers her again. She lays on her bed and he ties her ellbows with tape. He lifts her up and carries her out of the room. They drive to another place. There she kneels on the floor. Her arms are still taped. He watches her and thinks that she is a cute girl. But he wants revenge on her and he pulls her to another room.

She stands in a room. Her wrists are cuffed on a spreaderbar. The spreaderbar is tied on the ceiling. He pours water in her face. Juliette is cheeky and says that he has no chance, that she has informed the police. Now it's his turn. He tells her that she don't call the police. That she called with a friend of him. The police has no idea that Juliette is in distress.

He takes out a whip and whips her back. Juliette screams but she is hard. So the next step is something other. He lays the naked Juliette on a table. He ties her wrists and ankles with ropes on the table. He pulls her nipples and pours again some water over her face. He has some nipple clamps for her nippels. He clamps her nipples but Juliette only says that she has no fear. She only screams while he plays with her nipples. So he takes of the clamps and unties her and it's time for the next step.