Punished By The Devil Worshippers 0
Punished By The Devil Worshippers 1

Juliette lays naked on a X-frame. Her wrists are tied with ropes to the frame. Clamps are attached to her nipples. The guy comes in and ties her ankles with ropes to the frame. He takes off the nippleclamps. He wants to play ”Ice and Fire” with her. He has ice cubes and matchsticks and works with her body. Juliette moans and screams a lot. The ice cubes are so cold on her body. After the ice cubes follow the matchsticks.

Next he takes a whip and strikes her body. Juliette screams but she is tough. She considers it. The man stops also the whipping because they don't want wounds on her body. The worshippers want to earn money with Juliette. They want to sell her on the slave market. The sex slave market. Juliette can't believe it. But now she has no chance to do something against it because she is tied to the frame. Juliette has to wait. Maybe there will be a chance to escape later.

Now he brings over a dildo and takes of the loin cloth. He pushes the dildo into her pussy. After some minutes he wants to punish her again. This time with a feather. Juliette is very ticklish and he fondles her armpits, soles and belly.

Now it's time for the next and last step. The boss of the devil worshippers said to the man that it's time to come to an end. We see Juliette kneeling on the floor. She is blindfolded. The man comes in and takes off the blindfold. He tells her that it's now the time to go to the slave market. He commands her to stand up and she does. He searches after the handcuffs and that's the chance for Juliette to escape. She waits a few seconds and overpowers him while he wants to handcuff her. Finally Juliette is free.