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The Headhunter Vol. 2 0
The Headhunter Vol. 2 1

Juliettes interrogation continues. She's sitting on a chair, her hands are tied behind, she's gagged with a ringgag and she's also blindfolded. As the man comes in he starts to tie Juliettes elbows together. He does it very strong and Juliette moans to the pain. Then he takes out a dildo. The girl must lick it, but that is not the way the man will torture with it. The man sticks the dildo in Juliettes mouth. He plays also with neck, so it's hard for her to breath. She whimpers, but the man has no mercy. He asks her again to tell him the secret, but she declines. So he continues the breath control. As Juliette don't tells him anything, he realises that he won't break her resistance. The next position is waiting for her. The man sets Juliette to a table. He ties her hands and feet together under the table. Then he uses also a rope to gag her.

Finally he ties the end of the ropegag to her feet. So Juliette must stretch her head back. The man has taken Juliettes blouse away and so he can now play with her breasts. Juliette feels the pain in her stretched body. She tries to show the man that she will talk to him. The man removes the ropegag and Juliette tells him the secret. She hopes that the man will let her go, but he takes out the rag again. Juliette begs him to let her go. He will have a lot more fun with her. Juliette gets tied up in the 4th position. She kneels in front of a chair, her hands and elbows tied on her back. She is still blindfolded. The man takes some photos of her and tells her that he will send it to her office, so everyone can see her like this. She begs again not to do this to her and the man makes an offer. She has to be his slave for 2 weeks and he won't send the pictures. Juliette thinks about it, but what other choice does she have?

Punished By The Devil Worshippers 0
Punished By The Devil Worshippers 1

Juliette lays naked on a X-frame. Her wrists are tied with ropes to the frame. Clamps are attached to her nipples. The guy comes in and ties her ankles with ropes to the frame. He takes off the nippleclamps. He wants to play ”Ice and Fire” with her. He has ice cubes and matchsticks and works with her body. Juliette moans and screams a lot. The ice cubes are so cold on her body. After the ice cubes follow the matchsticks.

Next he takes a whip and strikes her body. Juliette screams but she is tough. She considers it. The man stops also the whipping because they don't want wounds on her body. The worshippers want to earn money with Juliette. They want to sell her on the slave market. The sex slave market. Juliette can't believe it. But now she has no chance to do something against it because she is tied to the frame. Juliette has to wait. Maybe there will be a chance to escape later.

Now he brings over a dildo and takes of the loin cloth. He pushes the dildo into her pussy. After some minutes he wants to punish her again. This time with a feather. Juliette is very ticklish and he fondles her armpits, soles and belly.

Now it's time for the next and last step. The boss of the devil worshippers said to the man that it's time to come to an end. We see Juliette kneeling on the floor. She is blindfolded. The man comes in and takes off the blindfold. He tells her that it's now the time to go to the slave market. He commands her to stand up and she does. He searches after the handcuffs and that's the chance for Juliette to escape. She waits a few seconds and overpowers him while he wants to handcuff her. Finally Juliette is free.

Swallow It, Slavegirl

44:29 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Slave
Swallow It, Slavegirl 0
Swallow It, Slavegirl 1

It knocks at the door. The doctor opens the door and closes it after he saw slavegirl Juliette. She was not in the right position. After a few seconds it knocks again. He opens the door and slavegirl Juliette kneels naked on the floor with stretched neck. He goes around and lays a leatherbelt and a rope and handcuffs beside her. He will open the door in 5 minutes and he hopes that she knows what she has to do with the handcuffs and the leatherbelt. He closes the door again.

After a while he opens the door and Juliette kneels on the floor. She is blindfold with the leatherbelt and her hands are cuffed behind her back and the rope is tied around her waist and pussy. He takes the rope and Juliette has to stand up and they go to another room.

Juliette stands on the wall. She wears a leather corsage. A thin leatherband ties her thumps like a reverse prayer. Her neck is stretched. The man comes in with a riding crop and strikes her ass. He puts the crop in her ass and sits on a chair. He commands her to come to him. As she turns around we see clothepins on her nipples. She goes to him and he takes out the crop. He wants to know if she is able to do a deep throat and she replies that she exercised a lot and she hopes that she is good enough. He put a vibrator between her legs. She rubs her pussy on the vibrator. He strikes her with the crop on her breasts and put the riding crop in her mouth and leaves her. She is very submissive and whispers ”Thank you master”.

After a while Juliette stands again on the wall. She wears boots and a miniskirt and a blouse. She wears boots and a miniskirt and a blouse. She has a dildo in her mouth. The man commands her again to come to him. He takes the dildo and asks her if she can do a deep throat with the dildo. Juliette takes the big dildo and licks it and blows it like a dick. After a few minutes the man is really horny. He takes the dildo away and put out his dick and comes on her face and lips. Juliette tries to swallow. The doctor decides that she can stay. He leaves her and she takes the dildo and puts it in her mouth and kneels on the floor with spreaded legs and stretched neck.

Slaves Cocktail Party - PREVIEW 0
Slaves Cocktail Party - PREVIEW 1

Juliette comes in and her master prepares something. She wears a bathrobe but also sexy stockings, a garter belt, a shelf bra and a slavecollar. She wants to test the wooden pillory. Juliette also asks if she can have some lemon juice. But before she get the cocktail she hands the pillory to her master and he takes off the leathered slavecollar and secures the wooden neck stock around her neck and her wrists. Juliette has the possibility to choose the nipple clamps. She chooses some butterfly clamps. Now Juliette gets a red ball in her mouth and the man pulls a latex mask over her head. He pushes a tube trough the mask in the ball. Juliette has to kneel down and the man puts the nippleclamps on her nipples. Now it's time for the lemon cocktail. The lemon juice is really sour and Juliette swallows and gulps the juice and more juice pours through the tube.

That is a fantastic cocktail party for the slavegirl.

The movie "Slaves Cocktail Party" is coming soon!


Return To The Devil Worshippers 0
Return To The Devil Worshippers 1

After Juliette has overpowered the guy from the devil worshipprs she takes on her clothes and leaves the place. She arrives at her hotel and first she takes a shower and thereafter she will call the police to inform about the situation and what has happened. After the shower she only wears a slip and while she rings the guy from the sect slinks in her room and overpowers her again. She lays on her bed and he ties her ellbows with tape. He lifts her up and carries her out of the room. They drive to another place. There she kneels on the floor. Her arms are still taped. He watches her and thinks that she is a cute girl. But he wants revenge on her and he pulls her to another room.

She stands in a room. Her wrists are cuffed on a spreaderbar. The spreaderbar is tied on the ceiling. He pours water in her face. Juliette is cheeky and says that he has no chance, that she has informed the police. Now it's his turn. He tells her that she don't call the police. That she called with a friend of him. The police has no idea that Juliette is in distress.

He takes out a whip and whips her back. Juliette screams but she is hard. So the next step is something other. He lays the naked Juliette on a table. He ties her wrists and ankles with ropes on the table. He pulls her nipples and pours again some water over her face. He has some nipple clamps for her nippels. He clamps her nipples but Juliette only says that she has no fear. She only screams while he plays with her nipples. So he takes of the clamps and unties her and it's time for the next step.