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Blowjob With Mask

24 images Bondage
Blowjob With Mask 0
Blowjob With Mask 1

First she has to blow his dick only with a blindfold. Her hands are secured behind her back with a monoglove. After a while he wants to see her with a leather mask. He pushes his dick in her mouth. After the blowjob he pulls an inflatable gag in her mouth.

Facial Slut - PREVIEWS 0
Facial Slut - PREVIEWS 1

Previews to the movie "Facial Slut". The movie is coming soon!

Hard Bondage Lesson - Part 2 of 2 0
Hard Bondage Lesson - Part 2 of 2 1

Juliette wrishes and arches her back. He does it also with the second nipple. He draws the chair near the bed and turns on the vibrator. Juliette immediately begins to squirm, moaning loudly. The man has a wooden rod with which he begins to strike Juliette’s body. After several minutes Juliette has a screaming, thrashing orgasm. He leaves her for a while, so she can calm down. He comes back with a pitcher of ice water. He holds Juliette’s shoulder and slowly begins to pour the water over her chest. Juliette screams loudly . He removes the clothespins. She arches her head back. The man brings over adjustable clamps on a chain. He plays with her swollen nipples and places the clamps on her nipples. Now it’s time for the second orgasm and asks Juliette if she is ready for. Juliette nods “yes” and he turns on the vibrator. The man holds again her shoulder while he pours more ice water onto her chest. After several minutes she has a heavily orgasm. The man turns off the vibrator and waits for Juliette to calm down.

Water Proof

15 images Bondage, BDSM
Water Proof 0
Water Proof 1

Juliette is cuffed to the slavechair. She is gagged with a ring gag and her master proofs her now with water.

Previews from the movie "Punished In Front Of Audience". The movie is coming soon!