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Preparing Pling For The Slavemarket 0
Preparing Pling For The Slavemarket 1

Juliette has tied up her friend Pling. Pling thought it was just a game as Juliette makes her hair. She doesn't thought that is being prepared for the slave market.

Captured & Enslaved

9:36 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Captured & Enslaved 0
Captured & Enslaved 1

Juliette sits in a cage. She is blindfolded and tapegagged. A bad guy comes in and takes her out. But only for securing her arms in an armbinder. There is no way to escape.

Blonde Slave Tied Arms Over Head 0
Blonde Slave Tied Arms Over Head 1

The blonde slave is already waiting for what will happen to her. First she was put on display in the punishment room with her hands tied up.

Awaiting Her Punishment 0
Awaiting Her Punishment 1

Slavegirl Juliette stands in the punishment room. A spreaderbar between her ankles and her wrists are cuffed with heavy leathercuffs. The master secures a slavecollar around her neck and shows her a vibrator.

Show Her New Home

7:34 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Show Her New Home 0
Show Her New Home 1

Ponygirl has to go in a cage. Not enough place to move. But this cage will be her new home.