Oral Challenge For Juliette - Part 2 of 3 0
Oral Challenge For Juliette - Part 2 of 3 1

He massages her nipples and attaches tweezer clamps. Juliette whimpers.

He says to Juliette to shake her breasts to make the bells ring. Juliette do you understand?” Juliette wiggles with her shoulders and the bells are ringing. Very well.

He takes a vibrating butt plug and shows it Juliette. She moans and shakes her head. She has to bend over and he pushes the plug in her ass. It hurts so much.

He unbuckles the ball gag. He will turn now on the vibrator. Juliette begs for mercy. But this is a slave training. Juliette understands. He turns on the butt vibrator. She arces her back and screams. He asks her how she feels. „It's very uncomfortable inside me”, she answers. After a while he turns off the vibrator.

He takes electro-stim pads and attaches it to her breasts. He says to her “Juliette, when I start, you will do exactly as I demand. If you do not, you will receive a terrific shock to your breasts, do you understand?”

Juliette answers: “Yes Master, I understand that if I do not obey, my breasts will be shocked”.

He adjusts the dildo in front of her face. He checks all and now they are ready. He turns on the butt vibrator again and Juliette arches her back and shudders and moans.

He takes the red ball and she opens her mouth and he pushes the ball in her mouth roughly. He attaches a tube and takes lemon juice and now Juliette gets some juice. She gags. He takes the ball out.

He takes honey and drips it on the dildo. He says: “Now Juliette, you will lick the dildo.” Juliette does it and licks the dildo. After a while she has to stop licking and ring the bells. He drips more honey on the dildo and Juliette has to suck the dildo. Juliette drools a lot because of the sweet honey and the sur lemon juice.