Multiple Orgasms 0
Multiple Orgasms 1

Juliette is led into the room by a man in a ski mask, holding the end of the chain attached to her collar. Juliette is nude except for dark, thigh high nylons. Her wrists are shackled behind her back and her ankles are in shackles with a chain between them. She is wearing a steel collar around her neck. A chain is attached to it. She has to stand by a chair. He drops the chain and leaves the scene to turn on the lights. The man slowly removes the hood over her head. A penis gag has been put in her mouth and secured behind her head. Her eyes adjust to the light. Juliette looks at the camera blinking her eyes.

He removes the gag and tells her to look in the camera. His members watching her and she has to tell them whats happen to her. She says: “Good evening. I am Juliette and I am your slave. I am here tonight to please you. I will receive two orgasms with different torments to my nipples. I hope you will enjoy my suffering”. Now the show can starts.

The man picks up a butt plug and shows it to the camera. He then holds it in front of Juliette’s face as he lubricates it. He tells her to bend over and she does immediately. Juliette moans and whimpers. Next the man takes a bullet vibrator. He lubricates it. The man steps behind her and pushes the device into her vagina. Again Juliette whimpers and moans.

Now he will strap Juliette in the chair. Juliette sits down. The man pulls her arms up and over the back of the chair. Juliette squirms and whimpers. Once she is seated in the chair, the man removes the shackles around her wrists, ankles and neck. He then takes two short straps from the table and secures Juliette’s wrists over the back of the chair on each side of her hips. Then he takes two more short straps and secures one of her ankles to each leg of the chair. Juliette tries to raise her hips off the chair to relieve the pressure in her rectum.

Next he places a long strap over her hips and secures it behind the chair.........................