Juliettes Punishment II - Part 2 of 2 0
Juliettes Punishment II - Part 2 of 2 1

Now the man brings over a tube of lubricant and the butt plug. He shows it to Juliette . He smears her rectum with the lubricant and pushes the plug into her body. Juliette squirms and moans.

Now the man walks around her checking her leg bindings and toying with her breasts. He is carrying a long cane rod. He stands at her side and begins to draw the rod over her chest. Juliette looks up at him in terror. When the first stroke hits, she writhes and screams loudly. The man continues to strike her slowly at times and at others striking her several times in rapid succession. Juliette screams and twists and writhes as he does. She rolls her head from side-to-side.

After 100 strokes the man stops and looks down at her. After a while Juliette calms down but it's not over yet. The man stops after 100 more strokes and allows Juliette to calm down. She is sweating.

He puts two pins and the roll of tape on her chest and waits for a few seconds. Finally the man takes one of the pins and shows it. He grasps her breast with one hand and slowly slides the jaws over her nipple. Juliette struggles to raise her head and watch as he toys with her. Juliette arches her back and moans loudly. He then slowly performs the same operation on her other breast. Next he takes a piece of red tape and slowly presses it over the clothespin’s spring mechanism, so her nipple is visible in its jaws.

Now he brings over a vibrating dildo. He holds it over her face as he lubricates it. He walks to her hips and holds them apart as he pushes the dildo in slowly. Juliette squirms and moans as he does.

Now the man brings over the rod and sets it on the table. He turns the vibrator on and Juliette arches her back and moans, her hips undulating. The man then rolls one of her stockings up to her knee. He grasps her knee firmly, picks up the rod and caresses the back of her thigh with it. She writhes and moans. Suddenly the man strikes her with the rod and Juliette convulses . The man strikes her slowly with a rhythmic cadence. Juliette is fighting the rise of her libido and the pain of the rod; she thrashes her head and screams. She arches her back tremendously, rolling her shoulders from side-to-side.

Finally, the man stops. He rolls her stocking back down and says, ”Let’s let her calm down a while.” He then rolls the stocking on her other leg up and begins to caress the back of her thigh with the rod. Suddenly he strikes her. Juliette is on the verge of an orgasm and her body convulses as she screams extremely loudly. She thrashes her head and arches her back as the orgasm explodes within her.

She realizes the man and the camera are looking down at her. She looks back at them. Slowly the man begins to remove the panel gag and hood. He holds her head still with one hand as he pulls the cloth out of her mouth. Juliette gasps for air and slowly gets calm. She looks at the camera and speaks to her master.