Juliette Auctioned - Part 1 of 2 0
Juliette Auctioned - Part 1 of 2 1

A door on one side opens and a man leads Juliette in by the chain attached to her collar. He stands her in the middle of the room in view of a mirror and detaches the chain from the neck shackle. He leaves the scene to put the chain away. After a while the man returns holding a large ball gag. He lays the gag across Juliette’s shoulder and then standing behind her and explains the viewers that today is an auction and before the bidding starts the viewers get an intense performance. He gags her with tha ballgag and brings over a short bar with eye hooks at either end. He turns the neck shackle around so the ring on it is behind Juliette’s head. He attaches one end of the bar to the ring on the shackle. Now he unlocks the shackles on Juliette’s wrists but leaves them on. He then goes behind her and pulls her wrists behind her back. He shackles her wrists together behind her back and attaches them to the bottom end of the bar. He brings over two leather straps and straps her elbows together. The man then turns Juliette around so the audience can get a good look at her body. He then moves her to one side and brings in a metal platform. He places it in the middle of the room as Juliette watches him. She has to stand on the platform. He secures the shackles around her ankles. Next he removes the loincloth and puts it away. Now he brings over an inflatable vibrating butt plug and shows it to Juliette. She squirms and whines as she watches him lubricate it. He goes around behind her and she has to bend over, then starts to work the plug into her rectum. She moans and grunts loudly. Next he brings over a bullet vibrator and shows it to Juliette. She shakes her head as he slowly places it directly over her labia and uses a piece of red electrician’s tape to secure it firmly. He plugs the wire into control unit and places it in the top of her stocking. Now the man brings over a vibrator dildo. He shows it to Juliette, who struggles and screams in protest. He now and secures the dildo to the vertical bar between Juliette’s legs. He brings a wide, thick, heavy leather strap over and places it around Juliette’s chest. He pulls it around her arms and secures it tightly behind her back. Next he brings over a pair of nipple suckers.