Caught To Be A Ponygirl 0
Caught To Be A Ponygirl 1

Juliette is on the way to her horse. She walks along a lonely way to the paddock. She wears black riding boots and a special riding breeches. Suddenly a car stops in front of her. Juliette doesn't know what happens. She can't run away fast enough. The guys handgags her and pulls her to his car. There she gets handcuffs behind her back and anklecuffs.The guy connects the cuffs to an hogtie. Juliette struggles against her cuffs on the back seat while the guy is driving to his home. Juliette wears no bra. You can see her nipples through the shirt. Finally they stop at the house of the guy and Juliette has to walk with the cuffs on her hands and feets into the house.

Juliette has to sit on a chair. The guy uncuffs her. He takes a mirror and black contact lenses and put all on the table. Juliette has to use black contactlenses. Now she can't see anything. She has to take off all her clothes. Not so easy because she is blind with the black contact lenses. Juliette is completely naked now. The guy comes to her with a harness for her body.The guy put on the harness and her hands are tied on her back with a monoglove. The guy puts leathercuffs on Juliette feets and connected feets with a chain. Now its time for blinkers. A ponygirl needs this and Juliette holds still like a good horse.

After ponygirl Juliette is create, both leave the room to prepare the ponygirl for the night. The best place ist the cellar. There Juliette gets more bonds and her arms are tied high. A good position for a ponygirl to be quiet at night. The guy leaves his ponygirl. Juliette kneels on the floor and is strictly bound. Good Night, Ponygirl!