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A guy leads Juliette upstairs in a room. She has to stand in the front of a mirror and bends over. Her hands are cuffed behind her back. She wears a heavy leather slavecollar and an inflatable gag through the ring gag. The guy takes a whip and whips her ass. What a red ass. Fantastic. Juliette drools through the gag. Not so easy to breathe with a ring gag and an inflatable gag. The nippleclamps also pulls her nipples. After whipping she has to kneel down. She still wears both gags in her mouth. The guy uncuffs her hands. She has now to give the man a handjob. She has to pick us his cum. Therefor she has a cup in her other hand.

Juliette gives a handjob and the man comes in the cup. Good slavegirl, good job. Now she has to kneel in the middle of the room. The guy takes leathercuffs and cuffs her hands behind her back again. He takes out the inflatable gag, but the ring gag stays in her mouth. He holds her head back and she has to stick out her tongue and he drops down his cum.

After tasting the masters cum Juliette gets a harnessgag. She has to lay on her back. He takes her feets and a rope and binds her feets to the ceiling. He puts a dildo in her pussy and secures electrical stimulation on her nipples. He puts the button of the remote control and Juliettes tits are stimulated heavily. She moans and struggles a lot. A lot of electrical stimulation for the slavegirl! Juliette moans and struggles a lot. After a hard orgasm he unties Juliette and they go back to the cellar. There she has to put on her clothes again and she gets a silver slavecollar and she has to put on anklecuffs. Her hands are cuffed behind her back and they go to the car and drive away.