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Stretched On A Ladder

7:34 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Stretched On A Ladder 0
Stretched On A Ladder 1

Juliette is tied with ropes and leathercuffs on a ladder. The man punishes her in different ways.

Female Investigator Torment - Photogallery 0
Female Investigator Torment - Photogallery 1

Photogallery to the movie "Female Investigator Torment"

Caning Her Tits

6:27 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Caning Her Tits 0
Caning Her Tits 1

Slavegirl Juliette is whipped with a bamboo cane while she has to bend over a small table. Her wrists are secured with shackles on the table. She can't move.

The Slave Training Plan

11:24 minutesBDSM, Bondage
The Slave Training Plan 0
The Slave Training Plan 1

The Master has created a plan. Slavegirl Juliette has to read it and to do what he want's. That is simple. Will she finally understand it? Or does he has to punish her even more?

Harnessgag And Lots Of Cuffs 0
Harnessgag And Lots Of Cuffs 1

Juliette lays in a bed. She is naked and her ankles are cuffed with leathercuffs and anklecuffs. She wears a monoglove and a harnesgag. The guy touches her body and she begs him to let her go.