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How To Train A Pony Vol. 2 0
How To Train A Pony Vol. 2 1

Ponygirl Juliette comes into a room. She is blindfold and harnessgagged. She wears a body leather harness and riding boots. Her feets are cuffed. She only can go slowly. After removing the anklecuffs and the riding boots, her master allows her to get some water. Of course with harnessgag. Now her master will leave her for a while. That’s why the ponygirl has to go into a cage. The she is fixed with wooden bars. Oh god, it is almost unbearable. The bars pushes her body and it’s not possible to move in the cage. The ponygirl drools trough the gag. How long should she stay in this position? After a long time the master arrives and takes out the bars. Juliette can hardly move. She has to go to the next "furniture" and the guy removes the harnessgag.

Now it’s time for the slavechair with attached vibrator. The ponygirl has to sit on the chair. Her hands and feets are cuffed to the chair. Also her neck is cuffed with a chain slavecollar. Now he pushes a electrical dildo in her pussy and he puts two electropads on her tits. Time for little electrical stimulation. OUCH. He starts the vibrator and while the vibrator stimulates her vagina the guy pushes the button of the electrical stimulation. That's shocking. 

Caged Blowjob Slavegirl 0
Caged Blowjob Slavegirl 1

Juliette lays naked on the floor. Her hands are cuffed in a leather armbinder. She is blindfolded and gagged. Her ankles are cuffed with two anklecuffs and leathercuffs and her thighs are connected with leatherbelts. A vibrator works in her pussy and she also has an analplug in her ass. She whimpers and tries to struggle.

After a while a man comes in. He watches her a while and then he uncuffs her ankles and takes off the leatherbelts. While she stands he takes out the vibrator and analplugg. But only for new vibrators. She has to bend over and he pulls a vibrator in her pussy and her ass. He comes over with a leatherbelt and fixes the vibrators. He connects the control of the vibrators with tape on her thigh. He now takes of the big ballgag. But only for a new ring harnessgag. After he has secured the new harnessgag he takes a inflatable gag and pushes it through the ringgag and pumps it up. Now he comes over with two nipplesuckers for her sweet nipples.

He pulls her now in a cage. Not so easy to come in. He switches on the vibrators. While she is captured in the cage she has some orgasms.

Finally the man opens the cage and Juliette can creep out. He takes off the pumpgag and takes out his dick. Now he wants a blowjob from her. Juliette blows his dick while she kneels on the floor and her hands are still cuffed in her back. Finally the man cums on her face. He pulls the inflatable gag again through the ringgag.

Next we see Juliette again in the cage. She is still naked and her arms are still tied in the leather armbinder. She wears now a slavecollar and a leather mask.

The man comes in. He wants to test how it feels if he fucks her mouth through the mask. Juliette has to creep out again of the cage and she has to kneel on the floor. He opens the zipper of the mask and fucks her mouth. Not very comfortable for Juliette. It's hard to blow his dick in such way. After a short while he cums in her mouth and he closes the zipper of the mask. So she can't spit out the sperm.

Double Penetration Orgasm 0
Double Penetration Orgasm 1

Juliette stands in a punishment room. Her hands are cuffed with leathercuffs to the ceiling and between her ankles are cuffed a spreaderbar. A man comes in and presents her a vibrator who works in pussy, asshole and crotcharea. He connects metal clamps at her nipples and after this he pushes the vibrator in all her holes and connects a rope to fix it. He pushes a penis gag in her mouth. She also gets a leather mask and a panel gag. He turns on the vibrator and the vibrator works immediately. Juliette moans and screams and shudders and after a while she has an orgasm. The man takes off panel gag, mask and penis gag and he gags her again with a big ball gag.


Slave Owners Delight XXL 0
Slave Owners Delight XXL 1

Juliette is standing against the wall in a room. A bright silver metal collar is secured around her neck and it is attached to the wall by a chain. A man comes in and says to her that it is time to get ready for the entertainment of her owner’s guests at the birthday party. Juliette stands up and the man moves her in front of a mirror and tells her to hold open her shirt. He removes the bright collar and replaces it around her neck with a steel neck shackle. He removes her shirt. Then he puts shackles on her wrists and on her ankles.

Next the man brings over a short black bar and attaches one end to the ring in the neck shackle. He then secures the wrist shackles to the other end of the bar with a small padlock. He takes a short leather strap and secures it around her elbows and the bar. He then holds a large ball gag in front of Juliette’s face. She opens her mouth without being told. The man pushes the ball gag in her mouth and secures the straps behind her head and under her chin very tightly. He then brings over a harness/panel gag and secures the straps around Juliette’s head so the ball is visible in the hole of the panel.

Juliette enters the room looking directly at the camera. The man comes in and takes her arm and leads her to several pallets. On top of the pallets sits a saddle device. He moves Juliette behind the pallets and Juliette has to stand on the pallets.

Her punishment will start now....

The Headhunter Vol. 2 0
The Headhunter Vol. 2 1

Juliettes interrogation continues. She's sitting on a chair, her hands are tied behind, she's gagged with a ringgag and she's also blindfolded. As the man comes in he starts to tie Juliettes elbows together. He does it very strong and Juliette moans to the pain. Then he takes out a dildo. The girl must lick it, but that is not the way the man will torture with it. The man sticks the dildo in Juliettes mouth. He plays also with neck, so it's hard for her to breath. She whimpers, but the man has no mercy. He asks her again to tell him the secret, but she declines. So he continues the breath control. As Juliette don't tells him anything, he realises that he won't break her resistance. The next position is waiting for her. The man sets Juliette to a table. He ties her hands and feet together under the table. Then he uses also a rope to gag her.

Finally he ties the end of the ropegag to her feet. So Juliette must stretch her head back. The man has taken Juliettes blouse away and so he can now play with her breasts. Juliette feels the pain in her stretched body. She tries to show the man that she will talk to him. The man removes the ropegag and Juliette tells him the secret. She hopes that the man will let her go, but he takes out the rag again. Juliette begs him to let her go. He will have a lot more fun with her. Juliette gets tied up in the 4th position. She kneels in front of a chair, her hands and elbows tied on her back. She is still blindfolded. The man takes some photos of her and tells her that he will send it to her office, so everyone can see her like this. She begs again not to do this to her and the man makes an offer. She has to be his slave for 2 weeks and he won't send the pictures. Juliette thinks about it, but what other choice does she have?