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Juliettes Punishment II - Part 1 of 2 0
Juliettes Punishment II - Part 1 of 2 1

Juliette is is dressed in a long bathrobe, open and pulled down her shoulders to her waist. Underneath she is wearing a white bra and panties. A silver slave collar is secured around her neck. A chain is attached to the collar and the other end to the wall. Her wrists are shackled in front of her and her ankles are also in shackles. A chain connects the ankle shackles to the wrist shackles. She is standing in the corner opposite the door. The room is very dimly lit.

A man enters and turns on the light. He goes over to Juliette and removes the chain from her collar. He moves her out of the corner and says, “Juliette, your owner has come along to watch while you are being punished.” Juliette looks directly at the camera. She says, “Good evening, Sir” and looks away. The man turns her slowly around to show her to the Owner.

Juliette knows that she has to receive two hundred strokes with a cane across her breasts, and her nipples will be clamped. Now the man starts. He unshackles her ankles, then her wrists and Juliette has to remove her clothes.

When she is naked the man takes a leather strap and pulls her wrists behind her back, strapping them together tightly. He does the same with her elbows. Next he pulls the arm-binder up her arms and laces and straps it tightly in place.

Now the man tells her to kneel down. She does so and he pulls her head back then stuffs a white cloth into her mouth. He then presses a piece of black tape over her mouth. Next he pulls a leather hood over her head and laces it up the back. He then brings over the panel gag and straps it tightly over the hood. Next he brings over the posture collar and straps it tightly around her neck.

He then takes Juliette's arm and lifts her up and go to the table. Juliette is laying on the table with her head on one edge. He legs dangle over the other side. The man comes over carrying a long, black rope. He lifts one of her feet, places it on his thigh and ties the rope around her ankle. He does likewise to her other foot and then ties her ankles together. He lifts her feet and ties the rope from the ceiling to her ankles. He secures another length of the black rope tightly around her knees.

Masters Rules - Preview 0
Masters Rules - Preview 1

Juliette was shopping. But this was not allowed. :-( So she has to take off her clothes. Her ellbows are strictly tied and she has to sit on a chair. On this chair is a dildo attached. Now Juliette sits on the dildo and her feets are tied to the chair. The guy plays with her neck. How long can Juliette sits on the chair? That's the question.

Agent In Peril - Part 2 of 2 0
Agent In Peril - Part 2 of 2 1

Next step for him. He takes matchsticks and holds it on her nipples. The agent doesn't say a word. So he takes electropads and presses them on her breasts and pussi and pushes the button for hard electrical stimulation. Agent Juliette moans a lot but she doesn't say a word. So her unties her. Time for suspension.

The next we see is a hanging agent. Dr. X pushes again the button for electrical stimualtion. Juliette moans and struggles but she is quiet and so he pulls out angry his belt and whips her with his belt. It hurts, but Agent Juliette can't betray the agent office. Dr. X tries a last punishment: Tickling with hands and a feather. And now Juliette can't take it anymore. She tells him what she knows. Dr. X leaves her and let her stay in the suspension.

Suspension On A Ladder 0
Suspension On A Ladder 1
Suspension On A Ladder 2
Suspension On A Ladder 3

Unbelievable! Juliette is cuffed on a ladder and the ladder is suspended.

Juliette's Deepthroat - Part 2 of 2 0
Juliette's Deepthroat - Part 2 of 2 1

A rope is tied around her waist and her ellbows are also strongly tied. The guy plays with a dildo in her mouth while she is blindfolded. Later she is tied in a strict hogtie on the table and blindfolded and ring gagged. He plays with her breasts. On the nipples are nippelclapms attached. The guy takes the dildo again and pushes the dildo through the ring gag. The whole training is only for one thing: Deepthroat. Now can Juliette show what she has learned while the deepthroat training.