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News from May 03, 2017



Fantastic movie with Juliette as agent who breaks into the house. Soon she is in danger.

She is tied stretched on a table and Mr. X punishes her in different ways. At the end also suspension waits for her.

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Blonde Girl Gagged And Cuffed

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The blonde girl stays in a cold cellar. On her nipples are metall clamps attached. It hurts so much. Juliette gets a penis gag, a mask a panel gag and a blindfold. Now the guy pulls a rabbit vibrator in her pussy and ass and now she can have fantastic orgasms.



Multiple Orgasms - Part 3 of 3

18:52 minutes

He goes over to the table and picks up two clothes pins and a roll of red tape.

He comes around in front of Juliette and begins to massage her breast, squeezing it and toying with her nipple. He pulls them and rubs them. Finally, the man takes the clothespin and holds it over her nipple, rubbing it with the jaws. He grasps her breast with one hand and allows the jaws to close over her nipple. The man takes a piece of red tape and presses it diagonally over the spring mechanism of the clothespin, allowing her nipple to be seen in its jaws. He presses the tape down. He then places another piece over her nipple in the other direction, forming an “X” over the clothespin. The man then does the same procedure to her other nipple.

Now the man takes the strap and places it across Juliette’s chest. She looks up at him pleading for mercy with her eyes. When he tightens and buckles it, she thrashes her head back and forth and screams loudly.

The man stands behind Juliette and says “Now we will start the bullet vibrator.” Juliette’s moans loudly and arches her back as the man stands beside her. He also turns on the Hitachi. Juliette thrusts her chest up and out and tries to raise her hips, screaming intensely. Sweat covers her body as she struggles. After several minutes the orgasm overcomes her and she shudders and convulses.

The man reaches down and turns off the vibrators. AShe is breathing extremely laboriously now. The man now begins to remove the panel gag and hood. Then he removes the handkerchiefs and Juliette gasps for air. The man picks up a bottle of water and holds it over her mouth. He gives her several sips.

He unbuckles the strap and Juliette breathes a huge sigh of relief. He then begins to slowly pull off the tape and remove the clamps. Juliette screams loudly when each comes off her nipple. The man talks with Juliette and Juliette tell the audience about the show.




12:42 minutes

A blonde girl lays on the bed. Her wrists and ankles are cuffed spreaded. She tries to come free. After a while she gets some nipple crushers and the guy pulls a vibrator in her pussy. She has a orgasm and she moans a lot.

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Spanking With Leatherpants

12:53 minutes

Because Juliette has thrown down something, she has to bend over his knees. Now he spanks her leatherass. Yeah, what for amazing sound. After a while she has to pull over the leatherpant over her butt and bend over again his knees. Now he spanks her naked ass. Juliette has to present her red ass in the corner of the room.



Cellar of Pain - PREVIEW

18 images
Previews to the movie "Cellar Of Pain".

The movie is coming soon.