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Suspended Detective

27:57 minutes
Suspended Detective 0
Suspended Detective 1
Suspended Detective 2
Suspended Detective 3
Suspended Detective 4
Suspended Detective 5
Suspended Detective 6
Suspended Detective 7
Suspended Detective 8
Suspended Detective 9

Juliette is a police detective and works at her desk. The chief is coming to her and explains her the next mission. She has to find the headquarter of girl slavers. Juliette is highly motivated to find the bad guys and is soon on the way with a map and field glasses. Suddenly a man comes from behind and it's really a surprise for Juliette. The chief is the boss of the bad guys. He commands her to the headquartes. There Juliette is stripped naked and her hands are cuffed with leathercuffs and the chief pulls her upwards with a winch. She presents her ass. Customers wants a anal slave so the chief prepares Juliette with an anal plug. He pulls her upwards again and now Juliette stands with stretched arms. He pushes a vibrator in her pussy and secures all with a belt. He asks Juliette if she will be a submissive slavegirl. No, Juliette won't be a slavegirl and is really silly. So he has no choice. He takes a whip and first he suspends her and whips her while she is hanging from the ceiling. It hurts so much. Juliette screams a lot and after a long while of hanging, she agrees to be a good anal slavegirl. The punishment is not over. Juliette has to stay on her tiptoes.

Walking Tour Disaster

41:45 minutes
Walking Tour Disaster 0
Walking Tour Disaster 1
Walking Tour Disaster 2
Walking Tour Disaster 3
Walking Tour Disaster 4
Walking Tour Disaster 5
Walking Tour Disaster 6
Walking Tour Disaster 7
Walking Tour Disaster 8
Walking Tour Disaster 9

Juliette is on a walking trip with a backpack and a tent. She meets a man and asks him for good place for camping. She goes away to a silent place and builds up the tent and after a while she gets tired and lays in the sun. All the time a bad guy is watching her and while she lays on the towel he creeps along to Juliette with a stick in his hands. He surprises her and Juliette fights back but at the end she has no chance. She lays again on the floor and he stretches her legs and arms. She gets leathercuffs on her wrists and a slavecollar and her attaches her wrists on the slavecollar behind her neck. She has to stand up and he leads her to a ladder. She has to sit and lay down on the ladder. He ties her toes with a rope and connects the feets also to the ladder with a rope. He wants to know what she is doing here. He doesn't believe her that she is only on a walking tour. Time for Interrogation in different ways but Juliette is tough. So he has another idea. He takes off the ropes and leads her to another place.

Suspension On A Ladder 0
Suspension On A Ladder 1
Suspension On A Ladder 2
Suspension On A Ladder 3
Suspension On A Ladder 4
Suspension On A Ladder 5
Suspension On A Ladder 6
Suspension On A Ladder 7
Suspension On A Ladder 8
Suspension On A Ladder 9

Unbelievable! Juliette is cuffed on a ladder and the ladder is suspended.

Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 0
Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 1
Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 2
Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 3
Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 4
Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 5
Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 6
Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 7
Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 8
Brunette In Leatherbodyharness 9

Fantastic high quality pictures of Juliette. She wears a leatherbodyharness and overknee boots. Clothepins are attached on her nipples and a leatherbelt ties her wrists together.

Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 0
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 1
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 2
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 3
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 4
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 5
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 6
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 7
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 8
Private Investigator In Distress - Part 2 of 2 9

Now the man can interrogates her. He knows the she is a private investigator. He pours drinkwater in her face and Juliette asks for the girls. The man doesn't answer. He wants to know what Juliette knows about his organisation. Juliette doesn't say a word.

So he takes a knife and strokes her body. He also takes clothepins and squeezes her nipples. He takes a lighter and holds the knife in the flame and holds the knife at her body. Juliette screams but she doesn't say a word about her mission. She only says that she has holidays and that she searches after nettles. The man is angry now. Lizards, nettles... He takes a nettle and strokes over her body and Juliette begs and moans and screams.

The guy unties her hands and he takes tape and tapes her wrists and upperarms on a pole. Juliette has to stand up and he unties her ankles. The interrogation it's not over. He pushes her through the forest to the next interrogation place.